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DAMIEN HIRST | SPIN PAINTINGS Damien Hirst 12.10. - 12.11.11 The spin paintings were the end of abstract expressionism. I mean, where do you go from there? That automated, random movement of colours is what Pollock was trying to do. It brought that branch of painting to a conclusion
Sir Peter Blake on Damien Hirst in Dazed Digital, November 2010

Although Damien Hirst requires no introduction, the story behind his iconic Spin series is perhaps less well known. Held in 1993 in the not-yet-gentrified district of Shoreditch, Joshua Compton?s Fete Worse Than Death was a day long event involving some of the most exciting emerging artists of the time.

Hirst attended the Fete dressed in a clown outfit, sporting a white face, colour wig and ludicrously long shoes. Constructing a rudimentary spinning machine from an inverted power drill and a block of wood, together with fellow YBA Angus Fairhurst, Hirst create small-scale spins on paper, each signed by both artists on reverse.

Hirst immediately saw the potential in this technique which has since become one of the most celebrate of his career, if not one of the most instantly recognisable of the Post-Modern era.
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