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David Hockney:Hotel Acatlan Second Day
Hotel Acatlan Second Day , 1984 - 85
Lithograph on two sheets of handmade TGL paper
Edition of 98, signed
73 x 193 cm

This large lithograph from David Hockney’s 'Hotel Acatlan Second Day' series, which has sister prints from the same edition at the Tate, is printed on two pieces of paper joined at the centre. Hockney presents a view of his hotel’s courtyard in Acatlán in Mexico.

Providing the viewer with a complete panorama, which could have not been experienced with the naked eye, Hockney finds it necessary to use a large scale for the prints, as this is necessary to involve the spectator as he or she changes the viewpoint: the work’s immediacy lies in its boldness. Hockney stated that the work was not about a hotel, but about an attitude towards space.

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