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75 Banksy Di-Faced Tenners75 Banksy Di-Faced Tenners75 Banksy Di-Faced Tenners75 Banksy Di-Faced Tenners

75 Banksy Di-Faced Tenners

06 Apr 2020

Andipa are proud to announce we are releasing a limited quantity of 75 Banksy Di-Faced Tenners available from 2004 with provenance documentation on a first-come-first-serve basis at our pop-up website

​Only a small proportion of these bank notes originally produced are in circulation and almost none of them have any sort of authenticity documentation. Because of this lack of verification Andipa has historically been reluctant to include these notes in its collection until now. This is a rare opportunity to get an authentic Banksy banknote, created by the artist in 2004, accompanied by an official hand-signed letter of provenance by Banksy's original art agent, Steve Lazarides of Laz Inc.

The Di-Faced Tenners makes us rethink the value of money and the cost of wealth and power in terms of how it affects us as individuals and a society.

​The first version of Banksy's Di-Faced Tenner was produced in 2004, on a single sheet with five counterfeit £10 notes, showing both sides, released as a signed edition of 50. Banksy also released an edition of 32 artist proofs in a single tone colour. The relatively low edition size of this work continues to drive a high demand from collectors today.

The title ‘Di-Faced’, plays on the word defaced creating a counterfeit parody the £10 note by replacing the portrait of Queen Elizabeth II with that of the late Princess Diana. Instead of Bank of England, the note reads, ‘Banksy of England’ and below the banner, an inscription reads, ‘I promise to pay the bearer on demand the ultimate price’, a reference to the fate of the Princess. With regards to quality and production, the note is printed using inks on paper almost identical to that used on official UK-issued currency.

Each purchase contains:

Banksy Di-Faced Tenner Note

Original double-sided Di-Faced Tenner by Banksy created in 2004 for various projects. See story. Presented in transparent museum grade archival sleeve. All notes are previously unsold.

Letter of Provenance

Each note is accompanied by an official letter of provenance hand-signed by Banksy's original art agent, Steve Lazarides. This form of authentication is almost impossible to achieve for this banknote from other sources making it attractive for collectors and fans alike.

Director's Letter

Our Director, Acoris Andipa: "I've loved these since I first saw them in 2004 - and proud to finally be able to offer these to collectors. With demand higher than ever for the artist's artworks this is a great way to start or add to your Banksy collection!" Each portfolio is accompanied with a letter from the Director.

Bespoke Portfolio Package

Each banknote is secured and protected in a beautiful custom designed Andipa portfolio with a hand-engraved blindstamp on the front cover. Shipped in a matching envelope and packed securely.