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Andipa Artsy ExhibitionAndipa Artsy ExhibitionAndipa Artsy ExhibitionAndipa Artsy Exhibition

Andipa Artsy Exhibition

31 May 2020

From religious Icons and antiquities to Banksy and Warhol, Andipa brings together over 4,000 years of contemporary art in our Spring/Summer 2020..

In the exhibition modern day Icons meet centuries old antiquities and religious deities share space with the pursuit of abstraction in the exhibition that threads the divine with the satirical and the metaphysical with the modern.

Featuring works from our private collection, Andipa proudly examines the nature of ‘contemporary’ art in all its guises. Beautiful relics from past civilisations connect through to modernity in our latest exhibition that draws from our desire to create conversation around art in all its forms.

We seek to understand the present and the future through the passages of historical iconography and symbolism. Central to the curated selection of works is the urge to create conversations between the artworks that, on first glance, may appear to be disparate yet highlight the important questions that art has raised for millennia that are just as pertinent now as they were 2,000 years ago.

As the abstract becomes the physical, the manifestation of ever-changing values and beliefs are on display in our exhibition that provides a stimulating journey across continents and époques spanning past and current civilisations.

On the collection Director Acoris Andipa says, “As collectors our interest within art expands across cultures, movements and time periods. With our latest exhibition we want to initiate conversations between the works themselves and the emblems, symbols and icons that have become part of the global collective consciousness. What makes a print, an image repeated over and over, that much different from the countless portraits of Jesus? Is an artwork empowered by repetition or weakened? The selection, a love affair for myself, forms the ideal platform for starting and engaging with these dialogues”.

Running from the 27th of May to the 27th of June, Director’s Choice is available exclusively via our partner Artsy: For more information on any of the works featured, contact our teams via or on +44(0)20 7589 2371.