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Banksy Crosses Borders

Banksy Crosses Borders

29 Jun 2018

Banksy's done it again. In what appears to be his latest stunt, seven new works have been discovered plastered on Paris’s walls; all mutually commenting on the current migrant crisis. The works have appeared soon after the World Refugee Day which is on the 20th June.

One mural, sits on a street close to the Bataclan concert hall, an important and heavy spot for Parisians following the November 2015 attack. Another wall of a neighbourhood with predominantly immigrant residents, shows a modernized Napoleon who sits on his horse in a wafting red cape that covered up his face. Rodents continues to be his motif, with another work of a Minnie Mouse rodent hybrid standing underneath a large ‘May 1968’ in font that was all too eerie. Furthermore, a work just as significant and loud in the message it spoke was that of a young black girl spray painting over a swastika in pink.

It is said that migration to Europe has decreased since this exodus reached an extreme high 3 years ago, but anxieties, fears and prejudice persist. Banksy has nailed these issues right on the head of these European walls, expressing his thoughts on greed and cruelty in the most ruthless way he knows how.. his art.