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De Cadenet: The 'Anti-Portrait'

De Cadenet: The 'Anti-Portrait'

23 Jun 2015

In his latest exposé of works, London artist Alexander de Cadenet explores tradition from a contemporary perspective. Entitled Sacred Portraits, his new series features real-life x-rays of iconic celebrities and historical figures including Marilyn Monroe, Albert Einstein and Adolf Hitler.

Having studied and worked with skull portraiture for the last 20 years, de Cadenet’s work challenges our perception of identity as well as conventional portraiture. He rebels against subjects draped in elaborate clothing portrayed with precise likeness, opting for a much more objective approach. Going beyond the mask of flesh, de Cadenet’s skull portraits are mirrors of our infinite form, both distinguished and universal, bold yet subtly sophisticated.

Read more about Alexander de Cadenet’s Sacred Portraits in the article by Wall Street International:

Sacred Portraits is a new exhibition by Alexander de Cadenet showing at Andipa Gallery in Knightsbrigde, London until 14 July. For more information, enquiries and private commissions contact or call +44 (0)20 7589 2371.