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Roy Lichtenstein, a Pop Art pioneer, who revolutionised how art can radically transform from its original finesse, delicacy and in to 'that are usable, forceful, and vital about commercial art'. This controversy is has made Lichtenstein one of the great American Pop artists to date, there was something refreshingly banal, impetuous and almost superficial, but also extremely relatable.

The Italian contemporary culture magazine ObjectsMag has written a truly thoughtful piece reflecting on German sculptor Angela Glajcar, an artist whom we continually support. Therefore, it is with an absolute delight that we present the transcript of this article here on our website to share with the public.

"The paper sculptures by Angela Glajcar

Whitney Museum to host an Andy Warhol retrospective, in November 2018

Andy Warhol, one of New York’s most iconic artists, will be embracing the ultimate commemoration at an upcoming retrospective in the Whitney Museum in hopes of changing the public’s opinion on the most famed Pop artist in the world.

A bronze sculpture by the Modernist artist Constantin Brancusi has sold for the record-smashing price of $57.37 million in New York on Monday. This is the highest price achieved for the Romanian-born sculptor and more than twice the pre-sale estimate. The artwork depicting a woman’s head titled “La...
Congratulation to Angela Glajcar. Her work shows during CODA Paper Art Terforation 2017-016, a new 3.40m high sculpture and 4.50m long hanging on the ceiling. With her work, Glajcar explores the possibilities of creating a three-dimensional image from two-dimensional parts. Torn with torn and...