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PETER BURKE | New Solo Exhibition November 2015

PETER BURKE | New Solo Exhibition November 2015

07 Sep 2015

We are very excited to announce our upcoming solo exhibition of renowned British contemporary artist Peter Burke. Showcasing select new works including both standing and wall-mounted sculptures, Burke’s work explores interpersonal connection and humanities inescapable relationship with industrial production and standardization.

Burke’s sculptures are largely centered around the human form and although they are life-like in representation, the mediums he chooses have an industrial quality about them. “I would like the objects I make to bare their process of construction and materiality”, explains Burke, while also acknowledging the paradox of the man-made man.

His sculptures speak to mankind’s reliance on mass–production and standardization through a rhythm and repetition of materials. Often in groups but sometimes a lone figure, the human form is an echo which runs through all his works. Originally from an engineering background, he has incorporated his interest in industrial working methods into his sculptures; working with man-made materials which interact with their surrounding environment and evolve under a natural weathering processes.

Peter Burke’s solo exhibition is upcoming in November 2015 - details to be disclosed in the near future. He has exhibited globally and his work is held in private international collections including Europe, Asia and North America.