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18 November - 29 November 2014 Vessel Andrew Burton
18 November - 29 November 2014
Andipa Contemporary
Andrew Burton
Andrew Burton

Andipa Contemporary, in collaboration with the Royal British Society of Sculptors, is proud to present an exhibition by Andrew Burton, the winner of Spotlight 2014 Award for Installation.

Burton’s sculptures and installations are often based on architectural or simple functional forms seen in a landscape. Their realisation involves working through a series of temporary structures. These works are often made from materials that degrade over time – such as plants or from tiny bricks (which Burton makes himself). These are stuck together with paint and cement. After a work has been completed and exhibited it is broken up, where possible the component parts salvaged to form the building blocks for the next work. Over time, and with their continual re-use these building blocks have become accreted with the paint and cement that glued the earlier sculptures together. Their encrusted, palimpsest-like surfaces convey a sense of the way many memories and histories can overlay one another in apparently simple structures. Burton’s work therefore seeks to explore notions of the permanent versus the fugitive, ways that we understand the world through our perception of scale and form and through an exploration of materials and processes.

Andrew Burton studied Fine Art at Newcastle University where he is now Professor of Fine Art. Since graduating with an MFA in 1986 he has exhibited internationally and completed many commissions. Recent projects include ‘Monument’ at the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Art (2014), ‘Lux’ at Cragside (2014), ‘Brownfields or Buddleia Vale’ at Airspace (2014); he has worked frequently in India, making the exhibition ‘Making Bithooras’ at the National Craft Museum, New Delhi (2011) and ‘Sculpture from a Land of Ants and Bees’ for the British Council Building in Delhi (2006). Commissions include ‘Jug’ for the Shanghai World Expo (2010) ‘Enclosure’ for the ClayArch Museum (S. Korea 2008) and ‘Annunciation’ for the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea (2000). He was elected Fellow of the Royal Society of British Sculptors in 2008.