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23 June - 31 July 2015 Sacred Portraits Alexander de Cadenet
Alexander de Cadenet: The Star, 2015
23 June - 31 July 2015
Andipa Gallery
Alexander de Cadenet
Sacred Portraits

SACRED PORTRAITS is a new polemic exhibition by London artist Alexander de Cadenet launching at Andipa Gallery on 23rd June 2015. Arguably the most objective form of self-representation, de Cadenet’s skull portraits break the mould of traditional portraiture by passing his subjects through an x-ray process revealing a skeletal forensic record with personalized elements relating to each subject’s unique character. As a precursor to current trends, de Cadenet’s study and work with skull portraiture date back 20 years, pre-dating works from other new contemporaries such as Damien Hirst. With a series of inspiring yet controversial historical icons, this provocative exhibition features photographic skull portraits from celebrities to ancient kings including Marilyn Monroe, Albert Einstein, Hitler and Pharaoh Tutankhamen.

In addition to his selected historic figures, de Cadenet also accepts private commissions allowing clients the opportunity to capture their own photographic skull portrait by working directly with the artist to create a unique piece using external artifacts, situations or environments. Past clients include royalty and notable individuals, couples, and families in fashion, industry, banking and the arts.

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