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Slinkachu | One Square Meter in Berlin

Slinkachu | One Square Meter in Berlin

02 Sep 2015

We are excited to announce Slinkachu’s participation in ‘One Square Meter - Photography Meets Urban Art’, a progressive new group show at the Kommunale Galerie in Berlin.The exhibition centers around everyday cultural artifacts and how these urban elements influence the creation and design of new work, through art in all mediums.

With this district-wide exhibition curated by Christine Kisorsy and Nicole Woischwill, Slinkachu’s work makes use of a historical gift from the Allied British Forces to the German capital marking the end of World War II 70 years ago: the red telephone box.

The infamous red telephone box is an internationally recognized artifact and symbol representing the UK. Interestingly, three out of formerly five gifted red British telephone boxes still exist at their original locations in Berlin. It is inside the telephone boxes that renowned German and British artists will show current positions of art in a variety of mediums including photography, painting and mixed media installations. The telephone boxes will be converted into "art satellites” for the exhibition, all connected to a “base station”: The Kommunale Galerie Berlin.

For more information visit the Kommunale Galerie official exhibition page:

Slinkachu limited edition works are available for sale here at or send any inquiries to Also, check out Slinkachu’s official social media feeds:

Instagram @slinkachu_official
Twitter @slinkachu