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22 June - 29 July 2006 Tom Wesselmann Nudes Tom Wesselmann
Wesselmann, “Tom Wesselmann Exhibition"
22 June - 29 July 2006
Andipa Gallery
Tom Wesselmann
Tom Wesselmann Nudes

‘Instead of people thinking of me as a maker of nudes they should think of me as a maker of paintings”

Tom Wesselmann

Andipa Gallery is delighted to present an exhibition of paintings and cut-out steel artworks by Tom Wesselmann. Born in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1931, Tom Wesselmann is claimed as one of the five founding members of Pop Art along with Warhol, Lichtenstein, Rosenquist and Oldenburg. Exploring works from the 1960s to the 2000s, the show display is based on a selection of Wesselmann traditional works exploring female nudes and portrait.

Exhibitions dates 22nd June - 29th July 2006