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SLINKACHU | Graffiti is IllegalSLINKACHU | Graffiti is Illegal

SLINKACHU | Graffiti is Illegal

03 Jun 2016

It seems strange to think about a large metropolitan city without graffiti. The two go hand in hand; tags, wall pastes, stylized writing; street art was born in the vast urban centres of the world and this is where it thrives.

However, this is not the case in the dazzling U.A.E. city of Dubai. The fast growing popularity of urban art and its culture in the Middle East comes as a surprise considering it’s almost impossible to find any type of urban art around the polished clean walls and streets of the city. In fact, street art and graffiti is illegal in the U.A.E. and is mostly confined to the private domain, indoors within commissioned spaces. Until now.

Known for having the best of the best, in March 2016, a privately funded city project called Dubai Walls pulled together 16 of the top international street artists pushing the limits of this new movement to create the longest graffiti scroll in the world. Slinkachu, who’s been making waves in major street art festivals including the recent Pow!Wow! Hawaii last February, was a major part of the project creating several custom installations around the City Walk area which will be later posted in large scale print format on more walls around the city.

Dubai Walls has been a huge success and introduced a whole new artistic movement visible to the public to get inspired and continue its message. See the links below for more pictures and information:

CNN News Story:

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