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14 October - 11 November 2017 GALL...ERIA Nicola Pucci
14 October - 11 November 2017
Andipa Gallery
Nicola Pucci
Spazio Contemporaneo Agora'
Nicola Pucci

Nicola Pucci's solo show at the Spazio Contemporaneo Agora'centres around the Rooster. An animal embodying the legends and myths about the adult male.

The rooster's gift of fertility and symbol of domesticity is heightened as the rooster is featured as the protagonist in Pucci's paintings, whereby his brushstrokes and aesthetic direction express a solemn righteousness and proud monumentalism.

According to Pucci, he feels a "seductive fascination for the beauty and the nature of this animal, he emphasizes this by portraying him in the foreground, isolating the head and, mainly, the gaze. The rooster is immediately positioned as a power figure. The roosters in his paintings are imposing and virile, they are about to challenge the observer, almost to re-emphasize the importance of their status, and their challenging and sensual power."

It is no surprise that Nicola Pucci has once again charmed us and caught our curious gaze.