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Launching Andipa Editions

Launching Andipa Editions

15 Apr 2021

The Andipa Gallery return to the world of prints with the launch of our new website Andipa Editions. Dedicated to prints by the world’s leading artists, the website brings together our commitment to offering the finest artworks in a new and exciting experience.

Drawing from our rich history and tradition, we bring over 50 years of Andipa to our new venture. Within the website, we have added a snapshot of our past museum exhibitions and gallery shows that will be built upon over the coming months. Interactive and easy to use, Andipa Editions offers clients both new and old the chance to explore great artworks and enjoy a selection of curated content.

Interactive guides and videos bring the Andipa experience to the palm of collectors both old and new as we join them on the exciting journey into the world of prints. Whether looking to buy Banksy prints or explore Damien Hirst signed prints, explore Andy Warhol prints in all their timeless style of dive into a world of David Hockney prints, we are proud to offer a fine choice.

As the website expands we will be adding artists who have transcended popular culture into the canon of contemporary art. All works have been chosen for their relevance, their messages and their brilliance that we are excited to share.

Andipa have curated exhibitions across the world showcasing our expertise, knowledge & passion for art that we bring to Andipa Editions - the dedicated print part of our gallery. We hope that you can join us on this exciting new project.