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Banksy:Get out While You Can
Get out While You Can, 2004
Screenprint on paper
Edition of 75 (red or pink), Signed
50 x 35 cm

‘Get Out While You Can’ is part of an edition of 75 prints, which present either red or pink. The work displays one of Banksy’s preferred subjects, a rat, holding a placard.

Drawing from an imagery which was started by Blek Le Rat, a Parisian Street Artist from the ‘80s, Banksy utilises the rat as a symbol of both society and outsiders: rats live in urban spaces, in parallel to humans, and suffer from the same addictions. Indeed, rats are prone to the same addictions as human beings, as they are susceptible by cocaine, alcohol and nicotine.

Furthermore, while rats are commonly considered a nuisance within a city, their behavioural habits could be compared to the way in which humans coexist within the confines of an urban space.

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