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1 November - 24 November 2012 Movements of the Soul Johan Van Mullem
Johan Van Mullem:Movements of the Soul
1 November - 24 November 2012
Andipa Gallery
Johan Van Mullem
Johan Van Mullem
Movements of the Soul

Movements of the Soul focuses on ideas of vision and perception, with works in varying mediums. In the works Van Mullem investigates the complex relationship between the theoretical and the physical, specifically the visual exploration of the mind as a captive of the body.

Johan Van Mullem's oeuvre is characterized almost entirely by portraiture. His works feature surreal depictions of the subject's innate desires and feelings rather than portraying a physical similitude, aiding each viewer to interpret the figures in accordance to their own memories or dreams. These works are therefore not only visual representations of the artist's nostalgic desires and childhood apparitions, but also those of the viewer. Typified by strong subversive and imaginative elements as well as a bold handling of paint, the works in this exhibition beautifully illustrate Van Mullem's interest in artistic technique and individual emotion above all else.

Movements of the Soul is a series which describes Van Mullem's artistic vision on the most fundamental level, and in fact led him to exhibit his work publicly for the first time.