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Fez, 2014
Giclee Print on Somerset Photo Paper
50 x 50 cm

To celebrate our third year at Contemporary Istanbul we are launching a new edition by Slinkachu, Fez, created in reaction to the political climate last year in Taksim Square.

‘The fez has long been seen as a symbol and reminder of the past, not of the future. Indeed, the wearing of a fez was outlawed in the 1920s in a move to promote modernity and secularism. I thought it was interesting to re-stage the protest 'battle' seen in Taksim Square last year on top of this iconic and symbolic platform; to highlight the schools of thought of both 'sides'. The installation features the 'woman in red' - she featured in a now-famous photo that was in all the world's press last year, getting sprayed with tear gas.’


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