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Branded, 2012
Edition of 5, 120 x 180 cm (C-type print on Aluminium)
Edition of 10, 80 x 120 cm (C-type print on Fuji Crystal Archive paper)
Edition of 20, 53 x 80 cm (C-type print on Fuji Crystal Archive paper)

Slinkachu’s 'Branded' presents the artist’s take on the fashionable boutiques in Paris: the shot, taken outside the Yves Saint Laurent shop in Place Saint-Sulpice on the Rive Gauche, captures a female figure in the midst of a shopping spree. The woman carries various bags to which Slikachu has attached life-sized labels from luxury Maisons such as Hermès and Chanel.

'Branded' explores the relationship between fashion and art, in a world in which we now have interesting crossover collaborations such as the Chapman Brothers-Louis Vuitton, or the Hirst-McQueen partnerships, as well as questioning the materialistic aspects of today’s world.

This work is available in C-type prints on paper, in small and medium formats, and in C-type prints on aluminium in large format.

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