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Slinkachu:School Run
School Run , 2012
Edition of 5, 120 x 180 cm (C-type print on Aluminium)
Edition of 10, 80 x 120 cm (C-type print on Fuji Crystal Archive paper)
Edition of 20, 53 x 80 cm (C-type print on Fuji Crystal Archive paper)

‘School Run’ is a witty yet mind-challenging metaphoric representation of a group of youths’ journey to school. Drawing from what is often a child’s concept of education, as well as tackling arguments such as that regarding the competitive meritocratic school system within both Eastern and Western societies, Slinkachu evidences the fast paced world of today, and the consequences speed has on individuals.

Concentrating on the creation of thought-inspiring imagery, Slinkachu offers viewers the opportunity of delving into his representations in an introspective way.

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