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Slinkachu: Teams up with Marvel

Slinkachu: Teams up with Marvel

01 Aug 2015

Marvel’s smallest superhero Ant-Man has not only invaded the box-office in recent weeks, but also the streets of London with the help of London based artist Slinkachu.

Recreating heroic moments and epic battles from the film, Slinkachu’s miniature Ant-Man conquers the world he inhabits - riding a winged ant near London Bridge, while also doing battle with his nemesis YellowJacket on a bollard near Waterloo station.

Slinkachu is renowned for creating street installations using miniature figures in everyday surroundings. His photographs of these temporal scenes, which frequently represent the themes of anonymity and loneliness inspired by city living; result in powerful, often witty images.

Slinkachu’s collaboration with Marvel is yet another highlight in his burgeoning career, following on from his successful Minituresque exhibition held at the gallery in March / April 2015.